Serialplates.com was started to help truckers and other users of trailers that require replacement serial number plates. Some are torn off during normal use and some are sandblasted or painted over. Whatever the reason you may need a new metal ID plate for your trailer. We can help you.

We require you provide a copy of the title or registration with the complete VIN for the trailer. We will
need the type trailer (van, flat, dump, etc.) to have the proper information for the plate. With this information we can make you a new replacement metal plate.

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Serial Plates
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Phone: 817-441-1886

Geting Plates is FAST!

We can have plates back to you within a couple of days or overnight if needed. All we need is proof of ownership and we can start on your plates. Volume discounts available for fleets or small manufactures.

Quality Metal Plates

Our metal serial plates will last for years and are easy to attach with screws and/or adhesive. Large machine stamped numbers are easy to read and can be matched back to owners TITLE and REGISTRATION.

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